Saturday, April 13, 2013


Happy Saturday! I'm just kicking back and relaxing today. Mom took care of a pesky rooster that had been tearing up my beloved chickens pretty bad. Did I get anything? No! Fear not, he's in the fridge "resting." I bet Mom is gonna cook him up, just for me! (She says she isn't, but maybe it's a surprise). It's because I'm going to be a star, you know. My Aunt Erin and Uncle Jason are coming to shoot the video next Saturday. Mom has some sort of announcement so I'm handing the blog over to her- see ya later! 
- Riot

I've been thinking of doing rotating themes for Saturdays- here are a few that I'm thinking about. There might be more in the future! 

Sibling Saturday: a photo of all four dogs together
SNACKurDAY: the chronicles of homemade dog treats- recipes, pictures, doggie reviews, etc
Silly Saturday: A goofy picture of one or more of the dogs (kind of like the one above, but I don't have the heart to tell Riot it's a silly picture!)


  1. I like Snackurday or sibling saturday! If you want to do the Wordless Wednesday blog hop, you could do the silly photos then. That's generally what I do.

    1. I'm getting excited about the Snackurday to be honest! hehe. How does the blog hop thing work?

    2. It's pretty easy. :) You make a post (I'll use Wordless Wednesday as an example) on a topic other people are posting on, in this case just one photo with no words on Wednesday, and you link up your blog with the other blogs via the blog hop (usually called a Linky Tools). Go to a site that has the link up already posted, enter your link, then put the hop on your blog. This is what it looks like:

      It's a great way to get traffic to your blog and to meet likeminded people. There's tons of them, from weekly ones like Wordless Wednesday, Monday Mischief and Black and White Sunday (the hop I co-host) to one time ones like Blog The Change for Animals, training ones, ect.

    3. That sounds really neat, I think I'd like to do that! I noticed it says "This Linky List is now closed" - what does that mean? I would really like to do Black and White Sunday as well as Wordless Wednesday

  2. I love doing them! They're fun. :)

    It says that because the weekly ones go for the day they're set on (like Wordless Wednesday goes from 12:00am to 12:00pm on Wednesday, same for B&W Sunday), and are created fresh each week. :)
    Some run longer than that, even up to a year like the one for Show Off Your Dog's Waistline that you can see here:
    Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks for explaining that! I think I've got it set to go for tomorrow.. we'll see! haha