Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Aero's New Collar

Hi guys! I won Dachshund Nola's giveaway of a collar from The Sewing Dog! I was really excited to win and had mom pick me the Green and Blue Peace Signs design. It was really hard to choose one, there are tons of awesome styles. Mom says I look good in bright colors, though! The collar arrived last night and we did our photoshoot this morning.

Laaaadies, what do you think?

Big smiles

I think I look pretty spiffy!

Excuse the plant matter in my hair.. 

Smilin' with my new collar on!

Anyway, thank you so much again to Dachshund Nola and The Sewing Dog! 

- Aero 

P.S.... Any wonder my registered name is Delende Koridawn Three Mile Smile?


  1. A cool collar for a cool dog!

    I bet you have a lot of lady friends with a great smile like that, Aero!


    1. Champ, you're probably all about the ladies yourself, but if you ever need any pointers, just you come to me! I am a ladies man.

      - Aero

  2. He looks dashing! I love his smile; have you put it on cue yet? Nola does an "Elvis Face" that I haven't managed to capture yet.