Cast & Crew

Australian Shepherd
Queen of the Household.
Birthday: 6/29/2008
Signature colors: Light blue, pink.
About me. I'm the boss! I like treats (especially the ones mom and dad are eating), toys (particularly when I can steal them from Breeze!) and I consider myself to be a Grade A Professional Snuggler Extraordinaire. My favorite person ever is my mom, and don't you forget it! I don't usually approve of guests coming over, but there are a few I've grown fond of. I don't even bark at them anymore, and mom says that's good. Don't go spreading this around too much, but the way to my heart is through my stomach.. so get to cookin'!

Chinese Crested, Powderpuff
Little Prince
Birthday: 3/28/2010
Signature colors: None defined yet.
About me. My name is Aeroooooooo! You've gotta really drag out the "roo" part for emphasis! I love people, food, toys, whatever! If you've got it, I'll take it! I just love to smile at my visitors, most of them think it's super cute, and then I get all of the attention. I know how to play 'em! Mom says I'm a bit of a flirt with female guests- I can't help that I'm good lookin'! I've been told I can be a little dramatic, but I call it pizzazz! 

Possible Aussie x Border Collie
Loyal servant
Birthday unknown
Signature color: Green
About me. I'm a dog! Isn't that exciting? I came from the BARC Animal Shelter in Houston, Texas. I don't really remember where I was before that- they found me wandering the streets with a tight harness on but no tags or collar. BARC volunteers took me to the Petsmart my mom was working at to show me off, and the minute mom saw me, she knew I was just awesome! I love to swim, it's my favorite thing! And food too, that's my other favorite thing! Oh, and will you pet me? That's my favorite thing! 

Border Collie
Court jester
Birthday 7/4/2009
Signature color: Red
About me. Did someone say "ball"? Well, if you didn't, I don't care! Let's play anyway! I'm a hard workin' girl with a zest for life like no other. I don't have time to settle down and "hang out," I've got an agenda and a full day ahead. I'm a quick learner and I've been called a little OCD from time to time- I like things a certain way, otherwise I just go crazy! Food is alright, but sometimes there's just no time for silly things like that. By the way.. have you seen my ball?

Tortie mutt cat
Handmaiden. Secretly a cat.
Birthday unknown. Gotcha day January 10, 2012.
Signature color: Purple



Farm Animals
Numbers fluctuate and not everyone has a name, but...

Two dairy goats, Belle and Bunny
Belle, left, is a LaMancha. Bunny, right, is an Alpine.

A mixed flock of chickens 
L to R, Missy, the red twins, and Emmy

California and Satin rabbits
A litter of Satin babies from the breeding of Scarlett to Rhett

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