Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mom is CRAZY!

OMD! So, yesterday, mom went to this thing called "Linear Appraisal" or something. She was helping out the goat breeder where she got one of our goats. She was just supposed to go, help out, and come home. Well she left at 7 this morning and didn't get back til FOUR PM! What the heck! And then, she has the indecency to bring THIS home with her!


Mom said she doesn't have a name yet. She is an "experimental" which in this case is part LaMancha (hello, elf ears!) and part Alpine. Whatever! She looks like a GOAT to us! Now we have THREE. It's okay, as long as they don't take up too much of mom's time. We need to remind her about priorities maybe!


  1. Lucky! We had to sell our goats, and I miss them!

  2. We think goats would be fun! She's kinda cute!

  3. oooh a goat!

    Do they crop the ears to prevent other goats chewing on them? Looks bizzare!

    1. hehe, they are sort of bizarre looking. I used to not like the lamancha ears but they've grown on me and now I love them. They are born with them this way. :) It's a rather dominant trait- the one in the picture is half LaMancha, which is where the short ears come from, and half Alpine, which has upright, fairly long ears. This page is from my farm blog and shows Belle who is a purebred LaMancha (note her ears are even shorter than this little girl's) and Bunny, who is a purebred Alpine like the mother of the goat in the pic above. :D

    2. Aaaand I'm an idiot and forgot the link I was talking about. There ya go